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0001481Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2015-06-27 16:42
ReporterPinkbyte Assigned To 
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001481: Discharged armor disappears on damage
DescriptionIn short - when armor parts(nano/quantum) charge level hits 0 and player is taken damage - armor parts are disappearing.

Checked on:
Industrial Craft 2.2.650
Minecraft 1.7.10
Steps To Reproduce1. Discharge armor
2. Find hostile mob or just fall from high place(surely works for discharged boots)
3. Open inventory and see that armor parts are gone
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2014-12-03 16:01

developer   ~0003582

They don't for me, is this single or multiplayer?


2014-12-03 21:19

reporter   ~0003583

In multiplayer. Server runs on Cauldron, but i checked with Forge too and hit exactly the same error


2014-12-03 22:11

developer   ~0003584

Works fine on single player, might be a multi-player only bug


2015-01-13 15:44

reporter   ~0003656

Can confirm this happens in multiplayer

IC2 Version: industrialcraft-2-2.2.658-experimental
Forge Version:


2015-01-19 05:50

reporter   ~0003679

it can happen is single player as well, when enchanted it will break in single player 'it takes some time tho' in multiplayer it almost instant disappears when it gets damage. none enchanted in single player stays there, multiplayer can't say the same

IC2 Version: industrialcraft-2-2.2.658-experimental
Forge Version:


2015-01-19 17:08

developer   ~0003680

It shouldn't be enchantable, that's a bug in itself if you're doing that.


2015-01-22 09:46

reporter   ~0003688

Enchants are possible via NBT editor. For example ingame NBTEdit does the job well. And enchants work. We use it to add Uncorrodible enchant on it, because we have mod ToxicRain , which causes people exposed to rain to get poison. This Enchant has a chance to negate that efect, so we added it on suits. Works well, no bugs with that. We needed to add that on Hazmat too, because thematically it should protect :)

However, also we have problem with disappearing armor, also with jetpacks on zero power (and then being hit by anything destroys the jetpack - even fire, not only mobs). Hadn´t tested batpacks.

And one more related to Quantum - one player feel on Ender crystal in fully powered Q-suit and instantly died , same instant death for being rolled over by RailCraft train :) But probably that should be this way


2015-01-25 04:57

administrator   ~0003696

This sort of issue is typically a fault of whatever applies the damage. If it doesn't go through the proper Forge ISpecialArmor aware code path, it'll break. The same applies to enchants or other methods of damaging armor directly, i.e. those alter the ItemStack damage value instead of calling ISpecialArmor.damageArmor(), completely outside IC2's influence.

Since IC2 configures ISpecialArmor in a way that can never let actual damage go through to the ItemStack, it's not our fault.


2015-03-24 13:51

reporter   ~0003795

Armors are even destroyed by vanilla fire or lava. For example, you wear nano boots and go into lava, you'll see your boots being destroyed. Same problem with batpacks and jetpacks. And according of my tests, the armor breaking may be caused by every kind of damage : fire, lava, mob hit, falling, potion effect, and so on.


2015-03-24 15:20

administrator   ~0003796

That's not happening in vanilla as far as I can tell. The latest build should detect those incorrect damage applications.


2015-03-27 21:40

reporter   ~0003807

Last edited: 2015-03-27 21:43

The latest build resolves the problem when you get damage when you're alive, but if you dead with an empty armor, in some circonstances it's still destroyed, by example dead by an enderman in the end with an empty jetpack. I really don't know why though. But the problem is really less worth than before, the update was really helpful ! However the console is spam each time a player who wear a IC2 armor get any kind of damage.


2015-03-27 23:59

administrator   ~0003809

While you're alive IC2 should log which mod applied the damage improperly though.


2015-06-25 22:17

reporter   ~0003923

Last edited: 2015-06-25 22:18

Can not reproduce this with newer versions of Forge. Most certainly it was not IC2 issue at all

Thank you for the efforts and please close this issue

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