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0001560Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2015-09-04 06:41
Reporterpsusi Assigned ToPlayer  
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Summary0001560: Reactor components now have max heat of 9999/10000
DescriptionI'm pretty sure this just started in one of the very recent builds. When I now put components into a brand new and unfuled eu reactor, they immidiately take a sliver of damage and hovering over them reads 9,999/10,000 durability, but the message about needing to cool down before being used in the fluid reactor does not appear.
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2015-03-30 14:06

reporter   ~0003814

damaged items not usable in crafting, making any components "unupgradable"


2015-09-04 06:41

administrator   ~0004157

Reusing in crafting is fixed for the next build. The items are intentionally always slightly damaged to force showing durability, similar to electric items.

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