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0001580Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2016-04-21 23:01
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Summary0001580: Condensators
DescriptionAlthough it's fixed that they can be fully repaired with blocks of redstone and lapis, this is wrong to what they used to use.

The RSH should be fixed 40% per redstone dust
The LZH should be fixed 40% per lapis and 5% per redstone

What your "fix" has done is make them even more expensive than they used to be.
Additional InformationThe percentage repaired is based off the total durability, not how damaged they actually are at the time of fixing by the way.
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related to 0001744 resolvedestebes RSH + LZH Condensers 



2015-04-11 08:30

developer   ~0003828

The only thing I did was I changed it, so you don't have to use things with damage value 9999, but you can use any damage value, therefore, I only made it more expensive for people who don't let it get down to 9999 damage.
However what is on my TODO-list is, making it revharge by that percentage for each dust.

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