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0001605Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2015-07-10 12:12
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Summary0001605: Transformer Upgrades cause unlimited power.
DescriptionIF you take an IC2 Machine, and fill it with four stacks of Transformer upgrades. Power the Machine for just a little bit, then remove the Transformer Upgrades. Remove the power, and the machines will still run...

It didn't work however with machines from IC2 Advanced Machine Addons.

IC2 Version: Tested on both 720, and 722.
Forge: 1352
Steps To ReproduceFill any IC2 Machine that can use Transformer Upgrades.
Apply any amount of power.
Remove the Transformer Upgrades
Remove the Power.
Additional Information

I recorded this showing me reproducing the bug.

This recording was on IC2 722, Forge 1352.
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related to 0001548 resolvedAroma1997 Removing transformer upgrade speeds up mass fabricator 



2015-05-21 18:25

developer   ~0003874

Try to use another version of getting power into the machines other than these Conversion things. If the bug does not exist anymore then, it's probably that Power conversion mod not unregistering itself from the E-Net properly.


2015-05-21 20:00

reporter   ~0003875

Here is test number 2, with just using MFSU's for power.


2015-05-21 20:16

developer   ~0003876

Just to be clear, is that with or without the linear E-net config option?


2015-05-22 01:52

reporter   ~0003877

It is without it.


2015-05-22 16:06

developer   ~0003879

Seems to be E-Net related.


2015-05-22 17:46

developer   ~0003880

Confirmed, seems to happen with glass fibre cables but not copper ones.


2015-05-22 18:10

reporter   ~0003881

I've managed to reproduce it with Tin, Copper, Gold, HV, and Glass Fibre Cables. Insulated, and Non-Insulated cables, the bug still happens.

Using any amount of Transformer upgrades causes it. Depending on the amount you use, will determine the speed at which the machine goes. After a certain point the process just becomes instant.


2015-05-31 15:06

reporter   ~0003886

Mod: industrialcraft-2-2.2.718-experimental
Server: cauldron-1.7.10-1.1207.01.187

bug confirmed!!!


2015-07-10 12:12

developer   ~0003942

I just looked into it.
It looks like this is caused by the buffer size changing, so it's not a bug.

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