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0001608Industrial-Craft²Agriculture / crops / Boozeceptionpublic2015-07-20 18:43
ReporterGorilla_CZ Assigned ToAroma1997  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformIC 723-Ex Forge 1408 
Fixed in VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001608: Weed does not work.
DescriptionIm making wiki about crop for our server and i wish to show players how it looks, when Weed start spreading. I sowed little reed field and left one crop empty. Weed start growing on this place, but weed never spread and never change its empty neighbor into grass&tallgrass.
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2015-05-29 20:07

reporter   ~0003884

Last functionaly build is 677 or 678.


2015-05-31 10:54

reporter   ~0003885

Last edited: 2015-05-31 10:56

I think, problem may be on this line
+ Public Void Tick()

if ((crop.isWeed(this)) && (IC2.random.nextInt(50) - statGrowth <= 2))


2015-05-31 15:47

developer   ~0003888

It would be very hard for it to be less than 3 (and cause it to spread), the growth stat is going to be very low starting off. It might be intentional to just make high tier crops less OP but crops easier overall.


2015-05-31 17:56

reporter   ~0003889

I don't thing so. I wait more than enought to give that weed chance to spread (about 30min) but nothing happened. I chose field in jungle and in heigh 130, all field has been fertilized and hydrated. Its about +40points to environment. This is hudge growing bonus. Especially for weed(Tier 0). After i report that bug i try left more empty cropstick to be sure... with that same scenario... All weed field reach full growth size(5) after few minutes. and another halfhour nothing happened.


2015-06-01 19:49

developer   ~0003890

The statGrowth is the plant's base growth stat, the environment is unlikely to have that big an effect if it's a standard random weed.


2015-06-28 22:51

reporter   ~0003929

I too have noticed lately that weeds are not taking over other crops.


2015-07-07 18:17

reporter   ~0003940

I think the problem is really in CropCard.class:
public boolean isWeed(ICropTile crop)
    return (crop.getSize() >= 2) && ((crop == Crops.weed) || (crop.getGrowth() >= 24));

The argument "crop" is an instance of ICropTile, but Crops.weed is an instance of CropCard, which does not implement the ICropTile interface.

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