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0001617Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2015-07-06 21:00
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Summary0001617: Ejector Upgrade ejects Mining drill and Pipes from Miner
DescriptionWhen placing a ejector upgrade into the Miner, the drill and mining pipes are ejected, but not the contents of the inventory. (scanner and battery are also not moved)
Steps To ReproducePlace Miner, add Drill and Pipes and Energy source. Put chest next to Miner (tried above). Add Ejector Upgrade.
Additional InformationBug was introduced some time after Version 2.2.726 and is still present in latest build (2.2.736)
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has duplicate 0001635 new Miner ejects Drill and pipe with ejector upgrade 



2015-06-11 19:37

reporter   ~0003914

Apparently this is only the case if the chest is placed above the miner. When used on the sides it works as intended.


2015-06-11 21:20

developer   ~0003915

Player messed with the miner directly build 734, and tweaked inventory action in 736, so I'd try 733 and see if it works correctly then.


2015-06-11 22:35

reporter   ~0003916

Well he fixed it partially by allowing the sides to work correctly as mentioned in my previous post, but the top is still behaving strange

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