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0001647Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2015-07-31 11:24
Reporteroks1998 Assigned ToAroma1997  
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Summary0001647: mass fabricator cannot produce uumatter
Descriptionafter i update to industrialcraft-2-2.2.751-experimental
the gui can open already but my uumatter still didnt produce....even i put in the scrap for the machine to produce the that a bug?
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2015-07-19 13:08


2015-07-19_21.04.45.png (234,385 bytes)   
2015-07-19_21.04.45.png (234,385 bytes)   


2015-07-19 13:58

developer   ~0003965

Are you sure it's not producing UUMatter? (Try hovering over the little tank thing to see how much UUMatter is in the tank)


2015-07-19 14:20

reporter   ~0003968

i connect this machine to the extracell mod and before this it can store the liquid without any problem, so i can confirm it is not the extracell mod problem, so i can confirm this machine is not producing uumatter....


2015-07-19 15:26

developer   ~0003969

You are giving it power too?


2015-07-19 21:51

reporter   ~0003971

Ya, I providing energy with glass fiber


2015-07-22 09:57

reporter   ~0003988

Last edited: 2015-07-22 09:58
(click into this link, got many picture)

i trying another method to test the problem, and this is the result..
conclusion maybe is the glass fibre and the mass fabricator problem?



2015-07-22 13:11

developer   ~0003994

But from the pictures, it looks like it's producing uu in the first case (third picture).


2015-07-22 14:07

developer   ~0003995

I've tried connecting a mass fab in all ways I can think of with glass fibre cables but can't get it to not work. And based off the screenshots it looks like it is working so I'm confused to what's broken here.


2015-07-23 07:52

reporter   ~0004010

Last edited: 2015-07-23 07:53

no the third one is just stuck at there....
(the progress and the amplifier all stuck)

and the last one is working
(progress and amplifier and the liquid storage all show that is working)

(later i try to remove all the glass fiber and replace again to check work or not)


2015-07-23 08:18

reporter   ~0004011

i found another weird thing.....don't know is what problem...


2015-07-27 10:31

reporter   ~0004041

I finally found my problem...

I got place a retrieval node at the bottom of mass fabricator
and it put the scrap from recycler very quickly

and the picture that i upload show that all amplifier is maximum and the progress look like got lag..and if i put out the scarp at full speed, the mass fabricator just stop producing uu matter....

so, is this is a limit of the speed for inputting the scrap, and those exceed the limit the fabricator just stop working?


2015-07-27 11:17

developer   ~0004042

The amount of scrap that gets used depends on the amount of energy you put in. If you just give the MassFab too little energy, it will produce uu slowly and use up scrap slowly.
Does that explain your problem?


2015-07-27 11:19

reporter   ~0004043

Last edited: 2015-07-27 11:56

no, i provide it maximum of energy (8192 eu/t)
and provide it with a lot if scrap at the same time at very high speed (means that the scrap always remain 1 stack in it), it will just stop producing uu matter


2015-07-27 16:53

developer   ~0004044

The maximum energy is in theory infinite (Integer.MAX_VALUE). However if you keep (currently disabled) explosions in mind, its max energy is 512EU/t.

I just checked: The only way I could come up with the MassFab does NOT produce any uu is, when either its tank is full, it doesn't receive any power or that it receives a redstone signal.

Therefore: are you sure, the Mass Fabricator doesn't receive a redstone signal?


2015-07-28 08:54

reporter   ~0004046

Last edited: 2015-07-28 08:57

No, I didn't provide it with redstone signal and it can producing uu with lower speed of putting scrap into it

(later i show some gif picture for more details)


2015-07-28 12:36

reporter   ~0004047

look the gif picture, I hope this gif picture can explain all the problem


2015-07-31 09:42

reporter   ~0004053

still need more information?


2015-07-31 11:24

developer   ~0004054

I'm looking too reproduce it. If I need more inof, I'll tell you.

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