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0001672Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2015-07-24 13:46
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PlatformForge 1481OSWindows serverOS Version2012
Summary0001672: Redstone EU option
DescriptionRight now, Redstone gives you EU if you put it in a storage unit or machine, and while this may be good for most modpacks, with the arrival of project e, which, like ee2, lets you condense redstone, it breaks the game been able to easily condense redstone and have unlimited power. As a solution, I ask that we have a config option to enable or disable this redstone behaviour.
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2015-07-23 02:17

reporter   ~0004007

This is a bug tracker, not the suggestion section. you should post this on the forum under suggestions, not in the bug tracker.


2015-07-23 03:25

reporter   ~0004008

It's the reason I put it under tweak, since it's not a major bug, as per say, but with other mods, it's own feature breaks the mod entirely.


2015-07-23 11:25

developer   ~0004013

Where's the difference between getting redstone from EMC or getting coal/lava from EMC and getting energy from that?


2015-07-23 14:21

developer   ~0004014

If anything it makes less sense using redstone, as it's more expensive than other options that generate more power.


2015-07-24 08:23

reporter   ~0004017

The main reason is, redstone requires no additional generators, meaning less time is spent actually building stuff like geothermals to take advantage of those other options. Most people also find it easier and more efficient just to shove tons of redstone into a mfsu rather than connect a geothermal generator up to it. I just feel the whole skipping generator part kinda takes away alot from the mod, so the option to force players to build a generator will at least let them experience more of what the mod has to offer


2015-07-24 13:46

developer   ~0004019

Easier it might be, but efficiency wise if you're cheating all resources with EE anyway, it's far more expensive and difficult to do it with redstone. You literally only need to make a generator and it's already better than trying to directly feed it redstone, not to mention how much more limited redstone is with there only being 1 slot.

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