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0001684Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2015-07-29 13:22
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Summary0001684: Batbox/CESU/MFE/MFSU doesn't update comparators when charged/discharged via cables
DescriptionBatbox/CESU/MFE/MFSU doesn't update comparators when charged/discharged via cables, but do update them when being charged/discharged with an item including batteries, batterypacks and the debug item.
Steps To Reproduce- Place down your (empty) energy storage of choice
- Put a comparator facing away from it and attach a piece of redstone
- Put an energy item inside
- Watch the signal strength increase as it charges from the item
- Remove the item and place another (empty) energy storage block nearby
  * Alternatively place a comparator on the second block as well
- Connect them with cables to the first will discharge into the second
- The signal from the comparator will not change as the block empties
  * Same will be true for second comparator if placed
Additional InformationThis was tested with only IC2 and NEI present and with vanilla comparators
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2015-07-29 12:47

developer   ~0004051

They will update, but you have to explicitly force block updates when using cables. It's always "worked" like this.


2015-07-29 13:22

reporter   ~0004052

Can confirm Choco's statement: its silly, but its why I always stack MFSUs in sequence and do my redstone logic based the internal redstone signals they provide. If I have four MFSUs, and only the top one is empty, then my MFSU bank is approximately 75% full (Doesn't require block updates).

Lots of mods provide block-update-blocks that you can trigger on a timer (once per second or something will have zero performance impact)

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