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0001722Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2015-09-26 08:17
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Summary0001722: Use of ores and dust from the IC2 in TE machines
DescriptionWhy ore, dust and ingots of IC2 substituted for all, even when they are removed from oreDict?

I removed the dust and ingots IC2 from oreDict.
Thermal Expansion using OreDict in his machines. When I removed from OreDict ingots and dust IC2 they should not be used at all in crafting...

But for some unknown reason I ingots and dust are substituted instead of all at all, even when they are removed from OreDict

Please Fixed it ... or remove a function, or make it possible to disable it in the config file.

I enclose a video that you would understand what was going on.

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2015-09-14 10:05

developer   ~0004198

How did you remove them from the OreDict?


2015-09-14 12:24

reporter   ~0004199



2015-09-16 05:48

reporter   ~0004202

what news?


2015-09-16 08:07

developer   ~0004203

So basically what you're saying is: Even though you removed IC2 ores and dusts from the OreDict, they still fit into TE machines?


2015-09-16 08:12

reporter   ~0004204

Exactly. But there must be substituted ingost, ore and dust from TE as they have in OreDict.


2015-09-16 08:39

developer   ~0004205

You should never "hack" into a mod like that removing its OreDict tags. Of course that WILL break a mod. Why are you even trying to do that?


2015-09-16 08:51

reporter   ~0004206

Because I want to, I had only to some types of ores, ingots and dust. In TE them the most.

Other of mods for some reason did not break when you remove OreDist. Namely IC2 behaves like something is not right.


2015-09-16 08:53

developer   ~0004207

Why not just leave them in the OreDict and not using them?


2015-09-16 09:03

reporter   ~0004208

Well, I see that I have no choice but to leave them.

I will not be using them. But the players will get confused which ores, ingots and dust will be used to come to a standstill.


2015-09-18 16:45

reporter   ~0004217

I understand you have nothing to do with it?


2015-09-24 22:49

administrator   ~0004238

This may be caused by your Minetweaker edit not being executed at the right time. It'd have to happen after IC2 adds its items to the ore dictionary, but before anything else accesses them there, e.g. to build some cache.

I'm not sure a config option is justified, it'll potentially confuse people and I don't see the problem you are trying to solve by untying the ore dict entries in the first place.


2015-09-26 08:17

reporter   ~0004250

Last edited: 2015-09-26 08:17

can you fix this pls?

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