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0001745Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2020-06-15 17:27
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Summary0001745: Mining Laser Super-Heat mode destroys logs instead of smelting them to charcoal
DescriptionAccording to the IC2 Wiki, using the Mining Laser's super-heat mode will do the following:
If the target can be smelted, the smelted product will be dropped instead of the block itself

Thus, the super-heat beam should cause a wood log to drop a piece of charcoal. Instead, it destroys the log without dropping anything.

Checked with IC2 builds 766, 780, and 782 in MC 1.7.10.
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2020-06-15 17:27

reporter   ~0006266

Looking at decompiled code, I noticed a special condition for wood material, so this might be deliberate, in which case it would be nice to know why, and possibly get a special note added to the Wiki mentioning the exception.

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