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0001782Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2015-12-11 18:27
ReporterAarchel Assigned ToAroma1997  
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0001782: Cannot add new recipes via .ini files in config\ic2
DescriptionI am using build 807, but also experienced the same issues with build 795. I have bee trying to add a couple of recipes to the macerator.ini, and compressor.ini files. I am not 100% sure I'm doing it right, but I don't see what I could be doing wrong at this point as it seems fairly straight forward to do from the instructions.

The entries I have added are as follow:

To the macerator.ini, minecraft:diamond_horse_armor = IC2:itemDust2@1@6

To the compressor.ini, IC2:itemDust2@1 = IC2:itemPartIndustrialDiamond

If I have erred I do not see it.
Additional InformationUpon further testing I can modify or remove existing recipes, and that works, but additions appear to be impossible.
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2015-12-10 21:59

reporter   ~0004319

This problem seems to affect all the machine .ini files, as attempts to add recipes to any of them are ignored. Also, I am not finding any error messages in my logs. The only lines in the logs related to IC2's recipes are prefixed with [IC2.Recipe] and are only a listing of the number of recipes per machine, and how many of them were loaded. None of the recipes I have added change the counts from the defaults.


2015-12-10 22:01

developer   ~0004320

did you add these files back to the jar or did you put them in the config folder?


2015-12-10 22:47

reporter   ~0004321

I put them in the config\ic2 folder as instructed in the ic2.ini file, and as long as I only modify or remove existing recipes it works fine, just adding does nothing.

I did try altering and saving the file in a clean copy of the .jar just to see if there was any difference, but there was not. So I deleted the altered .jar and went back to what I had. I can provide the files if it would be of any help, but I doubt it would as I have posted the only things I added, and that's all you'll find that isn't default.


2015-12-11 18:13

developer   ~0004322

Can you give me the log, and the config file (macerator, compressor)?


2015-12-11 18:20


compressor.ini (4,329 bytes)


2015-12-11 18:20


macerator.ini (4,849 bytes)


2015-12-11 18:26

reporter (389,109 bytes)


2015-12-11 18:27

reporter   ~0004323

The log files and .ini fles have been uploaded.

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