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0001857Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2016-08-04 16:19
ReporterXiaminou Assigned ToAroma1997  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in VersionBuilds for MC 1.9.x 
Summary0001857: Machines randomly turn into "Invalid" blocks
DescriptionAll my machines randomly turn into "Invalid" blocks when I look at them and mess up my inventory when I try to access them
Steps To Reproduce1. Look at the machines
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has duplicate 0001909 resolvedAroma1997 ic2 machines glitch out when in range of Runes-of-Wizardry Rune of the Rabbit Hole 
related to 0001860 resolvedAroma1997 Using a wooden wrench on the machine. 
related to 0001856 resolvedAroma1997 The client can not display machines in the reactor. After the time is changed to an unknown structure. 
related to 0001861 resolvedAroma1997 Changing the structure of the charge pad and cables 
related to 0001844 resolvedAroma1997 cable change to another block when use wrench on cable 



2016-04-18 13:15


2016-04-18_15.07.59.png (945,127 bytes)


2016-04-18 13:17

reporter   ~0004461

Rejoining the server fixes it, but it's only a matter of second before it bugs again.


2016-04-18 13:31

reporter   ~0004462


2016-04-18 13:33

reporter   ~0004463

Last edited: 2016-04-18 13:35

Client Log:


2016-04-18 14:26

developer   ~0004464

It is a client side bug. when it happens simply reconnect. It is not an easy thing to fix.


2016-04-18 14:30

reporter   ~0004465

as I said, it only takes a few second until it bugs, so reconnecting isn't really an option.


2016-04-25 06:10

reporter   ~0004486

not only reconnect fixing this issue, try to teleport long location(unload chunks), thne teleport back(load chunks) - its same like reconnecting


2016-04-30 13:14

reporter   ~0004487

Any progress on tracking that glitch?
I have noticed on my end that it happens per chunk and it seems to have to do with particles, or at least something in my farm:
when it's on machine almost instantly turn into "invalid block" when it's off they're fine.


2016-05-07 15:15

reporter   ~0004490

Yeah, I've been getting this too. For me, it happens on nearby block updates within the same chunk (i.e. a tree growing, a rubber tree re-growing it's sap-spot, etc..). These Invalid TE's are also tanking my FPS... so I'm not sure what it is. I did notice that there was a lot of work done with consolidating all of IC2's Tile Entities from multiple blocks / block ID's with Metadata into one Block with NBT to distinguish machines and their properties. I have a feeling it's something regarding that, and maybe its updateEntity() method.


2016-05-24 11:35


2016-05-14_13.15.25.png (788,320 bytes)


2016-05-24 11:37


2016-05-24_07.25.41.png (699,873 bytes)


2016-05-24 11:42

reporter   ~0004503

Disconnecting and reconnecting doesn't always fix the issue. I've lost 4 machines so far because the invalid status became permanent.

In the 2 attached pics, 2016-05-24_07.25.41.png happened when a rubber tree grew from a sapling. In 2016-05-14_13.15.25.png, this happened when I was taking apart the Simple Fluid Tank. I hate to think what would happen with a nuclear reactor.


2016-05-26 12:08

reporter   ~0004504

Oh boy - yeah, I can't imagine with a reactor. I wonder if this issue can be fixed? It's getting to be a serious issue... worlds heavily using IC2 in conjunction with certain other mods might become unplayable. Even for us - on our current world we all live right next to a BoP Alps biome which I'm utilizing for a pretty windmill setup. After wiring stuff all the way down the mountain and over to my house (well over 4 stacks of cables), if a random update triggers this bug in any of the many chunks I have wiring in - RIP FPS :(


2016-05-27 13:55

developer   ~0004505

Its something hard to fix otherwise it would be fixed by now. The solution might require the re-writing of core classes so we will have to wait and see.


2016-05-28 00:01

reporter   ~0004509

Last edited: 2016-05-28 02:53

Just had it again. Machines inside the same chunk as a rubber tree sapping went invalid when it grew into a tree while the machines just outside that chunk were fine. Funny thing is though, looking at these blocks with CraftTweaker (/mt block info) I don't see anything that makes them "invalid". In most cases the data seems to persist.

Although it is a major issue, the solution may be as simple as something like a markBlockForUpdate() or markDirty() out of place.

Edit: Tried breaking down the machines with an electric wrench. Lost 2 machines and 3 glass cables. For some reason all the data was cleared and CraftTweaker shows this for the block info. Note that this is the case where the machines become permanently invalid.
[22:45:05] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Block ID: ic2:te
[22:45:05] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Meta value: 0


2016-06-03 19:45

developer   ~0004518

Is anyone still here, who has this bug?


2016-06-03 19:53

reporter   ~0004519

yes. Had it yesterday trying to break down a machine with a partially charged electric wrench. Seems the wrench had a small charge, but not enough to break down the machine.


2016-06-03 20:05

developer   ~0004520

So you know how to reproduce it?


2016-06-03 20:11

reporter   ~0004521

Have you tried growing a tree in the same chunk as a machine like oitsjustjose suggested?
Also it might be the same problem as this:


2016-06-03 20:14

developer   ~0004522

growing a tree does NOT reproduce it.


2016-06-03 20:15

reporter   ~0004523

for the electric wrench, try with a very slight charge, not zero, but not enough to break down the machine. This produces the irreversibly invalid machine block with no data, just an invalid block that shows in Craftweaker as:
[22:45:05] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Block ID: ic2:te
[22:45:05] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Meta value: 0

For other cases, an IC2 rubber tree growing in the same chunk from a sappling can cause it. These invalid blocks do usually have the data though and will revert to their normal state. I don't know if their's some combination of factors required to reproduce this. But it isn't just the machine blocks but the cables as well. I've had it happen with different types of cables and powered from difference sources, so that doesn't seem to be a factor.


2016-06-03 20:24

reporter   ~0004524

Last edited: 2016-06-03 20:27

Maybe instead of trying to reproduce it with a tree, maybe look at what a tree does when it grows. Does it force a chunk update?

I'm going to try the latest build and see if I can get it to happen a bit more consistently.


2016-06-03 20:48

developer   ~0004525

I think, I've tracked it down.


2016-06-03 21:02

developer   ~0004526

I think, I've fixed it, but feedback would be much appreciated.


2016-06-03 22:42

reporter   ~0004527

It seems to be working in the latest build (industrialcraft-2-2.3.258-ex18). I tried the wrench quite a few times as well as planting and harvesting a number of trees. Might be too soon to call it fixed, but I so far I can't reproduce the problem.


2016-06-04 02:22

reporter   ~0004528

Seems to be working fine for me as well! :D


2016-06-05 12:14

reporter   ~0004531

This is NOT fixed in industrialcraft-2-2.3.259-ex18.jar


2016-06-05 12:45

developer   ~0004532

How did you manage to reproduce it?


2016-06-05 12:49

reporter   ~0004533

I never managed to reproduce it with Industrialcraft alone (never tried too hard either) if that's what you're looking for. However it's still happening in my modpack. When I turn my wheat farm on it breaks the machines in the same chunk.


2016-06-05 12:54

developer   ~0004534

what machines in specific?
Just to make sure this is actually the same bug: when reloading the world/ relogging to the server, the invalid blocks are machines again...?


2016-06-05 12:55

reporter   ~0004535

Same machines (liquid heat exchanger, fermenter, geothermal generator, macerator, canning machines... probably all of IC²'s machines really) and yes relogging still fixes it for about a second.


2016-06-05 12:56

developer   ~0004536

Will take a look at it.


2016-06-05 13:04

reporter   ~0004537

Just reproduced it:

1. Place a couple of machines
2. Grow a rubber sapling with bonemeal.


2016-06-11 20:07

reporter   ~0004549

I also have IC2 blocks are sometimes uncertain. I noticed that this happens when a tree grows. In the screenshot - the window grew a tree in the jungle. and blocks IC2 broke...)
Forge 1.9.4 -
Аfter exiting and re-loading the save blocks 'come back' ... for a while.


2016-06-13 15:48

reporter   ~0004553

Any updates? because I'm getting this in 1.9.4 too...


2016-06-13 20:24

developer   ~0004559

I managed to reproduce it, but I don't know where it comes from yet.
Will take a look into it, once I have some free time again.


2016-06-14 08:48

developer   ~0004560

I think, I just fixed it, can you give feedback with the newest build?


2016-06-14 09:39

reporter   ~0004562

I was able to reliably reproduce this issue, hence why I ended up here. A couple of machines just across a chunk boundary kept getting this issue as soon as I moved away. Anyway, I tried the industrialcraft-2-2.5.22-ex19.jar build on Jenkins and tried to reproduce it again. I can't.

Also, cables used to, when first placed, be broken texture blocks, which also no longer seems to be happening, which is nice.

From my end, it seems like you managed to fix it, I think. Good job! <3

Be good to hear from others who had this problem if it's fixed for them, and who knows, it could happen again when I least expect it, so other confirmations wouldn't be out of order. But I think you got it.


2016-06-14 12:01

reporter   ~0004563

10 minutes into my world with my farm running (used to take 10s to bug machines) and no bugs so far.
I think we can safely say this is fixed.
Thank you Aroma!


2016-06-14 17:50

reporter   ~0004564

and I have a bug still present(((


2016-06-14 18:30

developer   ~0004565

Player reverted the change in 2.5.23, which is why emamboo can reproduce it but the others can't.


2016-06-14 18:37

reporter   ~0004566

Why did he revert the change?


2016-06-14 18:42

reporter   ~0004567

confirm. in 2.5.22 the bug is missing. everything works perfectly.


2016-06-15 18:00

reporter   ~0004571

Included 2-2.5.25 now and watch the bug again. Dear developers, whether it is possible fix from version 2-2.5.22 set in the latest version? ...)


2016-06-15 21:49

reporter   ~0004572

Build 0000027: looking good, issue doesn't happen anymore where it happened before whenever a tree grew (Forestry farm).


2016-06-16 00:19

reporter   ~0004573

Seems improved, but I'm still getting magenta/black broken textures and unresponsive machines for the ones that are just across the chunk boundary. Not happening all the time, and seems to occasionally fix itself, but still an issue in build 27. Build 22 had completely eliminated it for me.


2016-06-16 22:10

reporter   ~0004574

Still an issue in build 29, except now when it breaks, it seems to stay that way.


2016-06-19 10:35

reporter   ~0004581

industrialcraft-2-2.5.32-ex19 has the bug, will try updating to build 40 and see if it's still there.


2016-06-19 11:12

reporter   ~0004582

industrialcraft-2-2.5.40-ex19 bug still present, as always reconnecting to the server fixes the issue.
It took growing a single tinker's construct purple slime tree to cause it.


2016-06-23 16:22

developer   ~0004585

Try 2.5.49+

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