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0001892Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2016-06-15 12:42
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Summary0001892: Armor values need ajustments
DescriptionArmor values of various IC2 equipment needs ajustment to the new armor system.
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IC2 version 2.5.8-ex19, Jenkins build 8
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2016-06-15 12:38

reporter   ~0004570

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I'll post things that could need rebalancing here as I notice them.

The Nanosuit already looks good, a full set gives one armor point more than Iron armor. Since it's cheaper than Diamond Armor but indestructible, I think the balancing is good. Maybe a bit more (2 points) wouldn't hurt since it can't be enchanted.

The Quantumsuit also looks good, measuring its protection is difficult, since it's really powerful, which it should, considering its price. Getting mobbed by several Endermen hardly deals any damage (can't notice any).
The armor numbers seem messed up, tho (too low).

The Jetpacks give no armor at all. Balancing them is a bit difficult since they are actually indestructible. Considering the price, it should have definitively less armor than the Nano Chestpiece and probably even less than the Iron chestpiece. Maybe 4 points for the Electrical and 3 for the Biogas one. Maybe even less, there has to be a price for the ability to fly.

The 4 Energy Backpacks give no armor at all. Balancing problem same as above. Maybe a bit more since you can't fly with them.

The CF Backpack gives no armor at all. Reasoning same as above.

The Composite Vest is a weird one, I'm not sure what it is for.
It gives one armor point more than the Iron Chestpiece, but it's considerably more expensive. I feel it needs either way higher durability or more protection. Maybe it should give additional protection from arrows and explosions by default?

The Hazmat Suit set gives similar protection like Leather Armor, plus its additional specialized protection from Radiation. Seems fair to me.

Static Boots give no armor at all. Since they are made of iron boots, have durability and are not enchantable, I'd give them at least the same rating as Iron Boots.

The Solar Helmet gives no armor at all. It's indestructible, but I'd still give it at least a bit of protection. What about making it have durability and iron rating instead?

Bronze Armor set gives same armor rating than Iron Armor set. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

I think I even managed to cover all "werables" in this post now.
Disclaimer: All these suggestions are based on my personal opinion on IC2 balancing and gameplay experience.

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