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0002018Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2017-07-13 09:41
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PlatformMC 1.10.2; Forge 7OS VersionWindows 7
Summary0002018: Night Vision Goggles don't work
DescriptionWhen I activate the night vision, the sky and fog flicker brightly, but the blocks around me don't light up.
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Minecraft VersionMC 1.10.2



2016-10-24 17:56

developer   ~0004821

What's the light level of where you're standing using them? Or does that not have an effect?


2016-10-24 18:07

reporter   ~0004822

I've wandered around at night and in the nether, and it's the same thing. The blindness effect still works when I'm near a torch though.


2016-10-27 00:33

developer   ~0004831

Which other mods do you have? I've tried to reproduce this with IC2 alone but can't.


2017-07-02 20:03

reporter   ~0005350

Ok, I finally got around to testing this. Turns out it's the InventoryPets mod that causes a conflict. The goggles work fine without IP.


2017-07-13 07:38

developer   ~0005377

Which inventory pet in particular?


2017-07-13 09:41

reporter   ~0005380

Doesn't matter, I just have to have both mods installed. The Ocelot pet gives a night vision effect, so I tried disabling that one in the config, but that had no effect.

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