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0002128Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2018-02-25 16:25
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Summary0002128: No electricity through cables

i can build cables and they connecting to the machines, but there is no electricity running through the cables.

I am using the version 2.2.826 experimental
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Minecraft Version1.7.10


related to 0002287 new EU stop flowing when destroying one side of a split cable 



2017-03-02 22:53

developer   ~0005086

Do you have any screenshots of your setup? Modlist + Forge version?


2017-09-18 16:02

reporter   ~0005454

I have got the same problem as this person.
My IC² version: industrialcraft-2-2.6.252-ex110
My forge version: forge1.10.2-

The cables work properly till I connect new machines or enable/disable a splitter, then the machines will start losing energy and to fix that I have to either reload the game or to place new cables in the system.
Sorry for bad english ^^, thanks for the work in the mod :)


2017-09-26 19:22

reporter   ~0005459

Can confirm this. Once I cut energy on a splitter, the whole cable network stops working and I have no energy on my machines.
I have a bunch of machines connected to my cables and down the line I had a splitter to enable an electric heater. Once I cut the power to my electric heater, the whole network before the splitter stopped transmitting energy to the other machines. It almost seemed like the redstone signal was being propagated through the gold cable and disabling my MFE from emitting energy!

My setup is very similar to the one used by Direwolf on this video:
Funny enough, he also suffered from the same issue and complained about it some ep's later without realizing what was causing the energy to stop flowing...

Removing and placing again the cable 'resets' the network and it starts working again.
My fix... replaced the splitter cable for an MFE... which is kinda overkill!

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