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0002135Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2017-04-26 23:50
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Summary0002135: Break wires when teleporting in bottom world
DescriptionAfter teleporting to bottom world( Hell ), in normal breaks all wires.

To connect that again, they( and all devices) must be broken( dismantled ) and reinstalled.

Steps To Reproduce1. Make some electroscheme w/ generator and accumulator.
2. Go to Hell :)
3. Come back
4. Look at you wiring
Additional InformationIC ver : 2.6.180 - ex110
MC ver : 1.10.2 + Forge + OptiFine
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Minecraft Version1.10.2


duplicate of 0001959 feedbackAroma1997 Cables Not Connecting/Loading 



2017-03-23 18:53


2017-03-24_01.39.52.png (195,764 bytes)   
2017-03-24_01.39.52.png (195,764 bytes)   


2017-03-24 04:51

reporter   ~0005107

What is interesting, cables and devices in Hell (!!!) stay connected, when I teleporting in normal world and, after some time, come back.

In normal world, after teleporting to Hell and come back, they - broken.


2017-03-31 02:59

reporter   ~0005112

I've seen this issue as well, and the only common thread I've been able to find is that this happens when chunks get unloaded.

If I put down a chunkloader in an area, this issue never happens, even after a Server restart; though I've limited the number of server restarts precisely in fear of this issue.


2017-04-26 23:50

reporter   ~0005162

I have this in singleplayer too (industrialcraft-2-2.6.202-ex110 forge 2281)
Its fixed when I reload the game.

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