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0002205Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2021-11-14 17:54
Reporterhswadas Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Summary0002205: Jetpack mode on Quantum Suit not disableable
DescriptionStill impossible to disable jetpack mode in QuantumSuit Bodyarmor??? Really?
It makes QuantumSuit Bodyarmor and QuantumSuit Boots USELESS, cuz with every press on spacebar key you fly like idiot!
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Minecraft Version1.11


has duplicate 0002430 new Can't disable QuantumSuit jetpack 



2018-05-12 22:27

reporter   ~0005660

Please, increase priority of this issue. This bug make quantum armor useless...


2018-05-13 11:13

reporter   ~0005661

Hahahaha... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Don't play this stupid modification... So funny.


2018-05-13 21:11

reporter   ~0005662

Unfortunately I don't see any alternatives. I just moved from 1.7.10 to 1.12.


2020-03-25 07:27

reporter   ~0006196

Broken still in Enigmatica 2. This issue has been around for three years now. If this bug was a baby it'd be walking and talking by this point.


2020-04-22 21:29

reporter   ~0006218

Still fucking broken as of "industrialcraft-2-2.8.197-ex112"


2020-08-11 19:16

reporter   ~0006277

Could the severity of this bug be made higher? It basically makes quantum armor useless, and quantum armor is a pretty big part of the mod, I'd say. I'm playing Enigmatica 2 Experts. I've tried rebinding my keys, nothing works. Hover mode is fine, though.


2020-09-05 01:04

reporter   ~0006280

Still have this issue in enigmatica 2 expert. The dev is as useless as this armor


2021-11-14 17:54

reporter   ~0006312

Bumpity, bump bump... bumpity, bump-bump. Necro'ing is on its waaaaayy.

Useless feature - Would have been far more useful for the dev's mother to have swallowed than to have ever written this code.

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