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0002230Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2018-06-13 00:05
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Summary0002230: [1.7.10] [Exp-2.2.828] Buggy output in Solid Caning Machine
DescriptionIf an empty Fueld Rod (x64) and Enriched Uranium Nuclear Fuel (x64) are placed in the machine input slots, there will be 64 filled Fueld Rods in the output slot. It is right.
If you don't take them out of the output slot, and repeat the operation, the machine will continue to fill the rods somewhere inside themselves instead nothing. You can pick them up just by breaking the machine.
Steps To Reproduce1. put stack Fueld Rod
2. put stack Enriched Uranium Nuclear Fuel
3. wait, don't take output items
4. repeat 1 and 2
Tags1.7.10, experimental build
Minecraft Version1.7.10


parent of 0002309 confirmed Solid canning machine deleting completed nuclear fuel rods after machine full 
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2017-07-13 08:33

reporter   ~0005379

IC2 Version: IC2Exp-2.2.828 / Forge Version: 1.7.10-


2017-07-15 00:29

developer   ~0005383

For some reason it's set to have 4 output slots, yet only the first is in the GUI

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