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0002249Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2017-08-31 18:25
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Fixed in VersionBuilds for MC 1.12.x 
Summary0002249: 'do not output energy' and 'do not output energy unless full' modes do not work for an EU storage block
Descriptionforge version:
IC2 version: 2.8.16-ex112

Both 'do not output energy' and 'do not output energy unless full' modes do not affect an EU storage block.
If the EU storage block powered by active redstone, input and output functions will not work
Minecraft Version1.12.1



2017-08-21 15:53

reporter   ~0005420

As far as I'm aware, the correct behavior for these two modes is:

* If no redstone signal is received, the block behaves as normal.
* If a redstone signal is applied, redstone prevents EU output (unless using the "do not output unless full" option, which will emit when full, even when redstone is applied)

Because the wording of your description is a little vague, can you confirm that the behavior you're observing is *not* one of the behaviors described above?


2017-08-24 11:12

reporter   ~0005422

I have investigated it again using information your provided.

Those two modes I described above work only when redstone signal is applied.
But redstone signal also prevents energy input.

Is it correct behaviour?

P.S Current behaviour makes sense, but it was unobvious


2017-08-24 14:40

reporter   ~0005423

Redstone preventing *input* might be a bug. Will have to wait for a developer to comment on things to confirm or deny.

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