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0002278Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2017-12-24 10:22
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Summary0002278: Liquid heat exchanger's output problem
DescriptionWhen I was setting up a fluid reactor, I found that if there is only 1 heat conductor in it, it doesn't work at all. And if the number of heat conductors are odd numbers, then the currently transmitted heat is always 10 HU smaller than max transferable heat even if it CAN output that much. For example, if there is 3 heat conductors in a liquid heat exchanger, and it is connected to a stirling generator, it only outputs 20 HU/t, not 30 HU/t.
Steps To Reproduce1.set up a liquid heat exchanger with a heat acceptor next to it
2.put odd numbers of heat conductors in it it
Additional InformationI'm using JEI too.
forge version:1.12-forge1.12-
IC2 version:2.8.26-ex112
JEI version:
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Minecraft Version1.12



2017-11-02 10:18


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2017-11-02 14:08

reporter   ~0005466

Sorry for not using the latest version!
Checked it in 2.8.27-ex112 and same happens:(


2017-12-24 10:22

developer   ~0005487

The problem is that one mb of coolant gives you 20 hu, since with an odd number of conductors it'd need to use half a mb of coolant, there's a rounding issue. I'll look into this again, when I have more time, since it#s non-trivial to fix.

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