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0002310Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2018-02-02 08:42
ReporterSebaSphere Assigned ToAroma1997  
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Summary0002310: [Urgent] Server will crash after it finishes loading // 1.10.2
DescriptionFML Log Every Crash

Server Log Every Crash

One of my players on my server was messing around with logistical transporters and IC2 machines and crashed the server every time it loads.

On the servers discord, he said

SebaSphere - Yesterday at 2:39 PM
What exactly did u do. Reporting this on github

warr - Yesterday at 2:40 PM
i made alot of IC2 machines connected to mekanism pipes and sorters
my main imput chest gets glitched by the sorters
so whenever i put in a stack and the items get taken out sometimes there are negative items there and it makes it insta crash

Server has been down for several days already
Minecraft Version1.10.2


has duplicate 0002311 closedChocohead Crash when Combining IC2 machines and logistic sorter 



2018-01-28 19:29

reporter   ~0005532

Mekanism Github


2018-01-29 13:25

reporter   ~0005534

I have sort of the same error.. I think.

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