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0002394Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2018-10-02 16:56
Reporterthvardhan Assigned To 
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PlatformMacOSOSHigh SierraOS Version10.13.5
Summary0002394: Luminators fall of dropped on the surface when one reopens a world
DescriptionWhenever I place luminators connected to Tin insulated cables and switch them ON, leave the world and reopen, they are all on ground as drop items. I've tried doing it again and again but it always happens.
Steps To ReproducePlace a tin cable
place a luminator on that cable
leave the world
re open the world
Additional InformationMod version that I am using is industrialcraft-2-2.8.73-ex112 (Latest on curse forge website)
Minecraft Version1.12.2


duplicate of 0002211 new Luminators pop out from cables on save load 



2018-10-02 16:56

developer   ~0005804

Does the issue still appear on the latest version?
If so, can you give me screenshots of your setup and instructions on how to reproduce the issue?

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