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0002455Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2020-06-15 05:37
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Summary0002455: Rubber boots ignored for fall heights 13 or greater
DescriptionWhen falling from a cliff of at least 13 blocks, the player takes full damage and the boots take no damage. This means that the height table at does not apply, and the advice about using rubber boots to make using an electric jetpack safer is less applicable. Fall distances of 5 to 12 cause zero damage to the player, and 1 to 4 damage to the boots.
Steps To Reproduce1. Find (or make) a cliff at least 13 blocks high.
2. Put on some rubber boots.
3. Walk off the cliff.
4. Observe the damage to the player and to the boots.
Additional InformationAt first, I thought this might have been introduced by the fix to 0002236, but the rubber boots work as expected in 2.6.259 (for 1.10.2, with a fix for that bug), and are broken in 2.8.12 (before that bug was fixed, running in 1.12.2)
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2018-12-20 21:58

developer   ~0005851

This is possibly from armour calculations in vanilla changing, should be possible to get the old fall mechanics back again though.


2019-04-08 22:22

reporter   ~0005966

I have been unsuccessful at finding when these changes to armour calculations in vanilla happened. Could you please provide a link to what you're referring to?


2019-04-08 23:21

developer   ~0005967

The changes vanilla made in 1.9 are staggered over to only apply to Forge mods in 1.11, thus I suspect it's something subtle in how Forge changed armour protection to take into account toughness which has broken the rubber boot's absorption that otherwise hasn't changed. The PR to Forge is here for reference:


2020-06-15 05:37

reporter   ~0006264

I couldn't make sense of why that PR would cause this, but I finally did some experimenting with different 1.11 forge versions, and the changeover starts with Forge, so I think this is the relevant PR:

It looks like handling the fall damage reduction via ISpecialArmor.getProperties will no longer work (since DamageSource treats fall damage as unblockable), but the onEntityLivingFallEvent still does, which is why short falls (up to 12 blocks) still cause zero player damage when wearing rubber boots.

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