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0002506Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2019-08-04 22:49
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PlatformPC, JavaOSWindowsOS Version7
Summary0002506: Splitter cable sometimes don't update
DescriptionIn my save file, the splitter cable at x=2,y=34,z=10 sometimes don't update when the reactor is turned off. This happened at least twice before where there is no EU flowing through it by checking the MFSU, but the EU reader said it has 150 EU/t input.
Steps To Reproduce1.turn on the reactor main switch lever
2.wait for a few minutes
3.turn it off
4.check the splitter cable after the boilers have stopped generating steam
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Minecraft Version1.12.2


related to 0002287 new EU stop flowing when destroying one side of a split cable 



2019-03-10 11:18

reporter   ~0005947

I forgot to mention that breaking the fiber glass cable next to the splitter cable and re-placing that cable fixes it.


2019-03-11 10:07

reporter   ~0005948

I found out that all "splitter cable" mentioned above should be detector cable. I always mix them up. I apologize for that.


2019-07-02 02:11

reporter   ~0006049

I just managed to re-produce this bug again a few times in a row.

Steps to reproduce:
1.Go to the reactor at roughly 0,0 if spawned somewhere else
2.If the reactor is running normally (if it's on a 2 sec on and 5 sec off cycle and if its core temperature is always above 50%), skip step 3.
3.Flick the lever at 10 29 22 to turn it off, wait for a few secs and turn it on. Wait until the reactor is running normally again. (It takes about 30s)
4.Punch any one of the slime block at 3 34 6, 3 30 6, 6 32 2, which simulates a boiler explosion.
5.After about a second you should hear sound from note blocks and the reactor shuts off
6.If 5 happens then go to 0 35 10. The detector cable is on the east side at 2 35 10
7.Open the MFSU GUI and wait until EU stops flowing in
8.Observe the detector cable, EU-reader says there is a current, but actually there isn't

To reset everything, place the slime block back where it was and press the button at 14 29 13. The reactor should run normally again.

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