0002159: [tools / electric items] Drill sounds causes errors in log (Aroma1997)
0002131: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Using treetap on any boozebarrel (filled, emptied, new) results in a crash. (Chocohead)
0001888: [general / other] Scaffolds are not climbable (Chocohead)
0001856: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] The client can not display machines in the reactor. After the time is changed to an unknown structure. (Aroma1997)
0001844: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] cable change to another block when use wrench on cable (Aroma1997)
0001860: [machines] Using a wooden wrench on the machine. (Aroma1997)
0001866: [general / other] Alternative recipes completely broken (Aroma1997)
0001871: [tools / electric items] Solar Helmet not charging chest slot item (Aroma1997)
0001805: [general / other] Some alternate recipes not worknig (Aroma1997)
0001766: [tools / electric items] Only one Generator Reciepe Working (Aroma1997)
0001870: [general / other] fml -- particle effects not found (Aroma1997)
0001865: [general / other] Nano Helmet HUD has Power Tier formatting issue (Aroma1997)
0001863: [tools / electric items] Corruption of world by having item in MFE and then picking another item out in armour slot with Nano HUD on (Basic & Adv) (Aroma1997)
0001862: [general / other] Industrial Craft 2 build 225-ex18 (Aroma1997)
0001859: [tools / electric items] Crash when selecting creative search items tab (Aroma1997)
0001840: [machines] game crashes when plasing item on skanner (estebes)
0001838: [general / other] Crashes when I run with JEI installed (Aroma1997)
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