0002476: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Jumping on farmland that has a crop stick on top sometimes don't break the crop stick (estebes)
0002651: [general / other] crash at server start (Chocohead)
0002660: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Netherrack Dust doesn't have OreDicts (Chocohead)
0002659: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Incorrect OreDicts on Machine Casings (Chocohead)
0002594: [machines] Pump with transformer upgrade can't accept higher tier batteries (Chocohead)
0002409: [general / other] Rubber Tree Saplings are displaying 3d-model in inventory, instead of 2d sprite (Chocohead)
0002543: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Crop lighting wrong (Chocohead)
0001906: [general / other] Cables having bad texture (Player)
0002584: [tools / electric items] Treetap uses durability when right clicked on a plain rubber log in survival mode (Chocohead)
0002572: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Add "Improved transformer" in an induction furnace and the Crop Harvester (estebes)
0002496: [machines] When Using Industrial Workbench in Multiplayer The Tools Disappear (estebes)
0002509: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] [minor] Crash + Invalid Block upon reload - Pulling items out of an active uu fabricator (Chocohead)
0002583: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Game crashes when cable evaporates while inspecting it with EU Reader (Chocohead)
0002573: [general / other] [1.12.2] crafting dynamite and sticky dynamite only produces 1, not 8 (Chocohead)
0002570: [general / other] Name of bronze rotor is inconsistent with other rotors (Chocohead)
0002581: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Acacia and Dark Oak crops give wrong logs (Chocohead)
0002538: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Dimensions crash if they return a value of 0 from getHeight() (Player)
0002532: [machines] Kinetic wind turbine generates a lot of energy (Player)
0002531: [general / other] crash server at start, when I try to upgrade IC2 (estebes)
0002320: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Missing interface in API to make own radioactive items. (Chocohead)
0002492: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] API to allow adding custom drills to the miner (Chocohead)
0002504: [machines] IC2 Iron scaffoling is usable as fuel (Chocohead)
0002489: [general / other] Player inventory GUI in reactor is 1px offset (Chocohead)
0002410: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] EntityMiningLaser fires BlockEvent.BreakEvent, but does not check if the event is cancelled (Chocohead)
0002521: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] The drying speed of CF foam on cables isn't affected by gamerule randomTickSpeed (Chocohead)
0002471: [machines] The tank won't give an output to the comparator (Chocohead)
0002481: [general / other] "/ic2 uu-world-scan medium" command issue (Chocohead)
0002473: [general / other] The name displayed in the GUI of an advanced pulling upgrade is wrong (Chocohead)
0002477: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Observer can't detect growth of crops (weed) (Chocohead)
0002465: [machines] Matter Fabricator should be Tier 4 Power. (Chocohead)
0002469: [tools / electric items] OD/OV scanner not showing results (Chocohead)
0002463: [machines] Advance Minor is Power Tier 3 Normal Minor is Tier 4 (Chocohead)
0002437: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Duplication glitch while using personal safes in multiplayer (Chocohead)
0002451: [machines] Lapis Dupe with Compressor (Chocohead)
0002440: [machines] Fluid/solid canning machine not working (Player)
0002441: [machines] Item stacks disappearing when adding items to the electric furnace while it's "working" on a stack already (Player)
0002445: [machines] Lapis No Longer Compressable (Chocohead)
0002448: [machines] Weighted Fluid Distributors crash the game when trying to set their priority (Chocohead)
0002349: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Incompatibility of Fluid reactors with AE2 import/export buses (Chocohead)
0002412: [machines] `uu-world-scan` larger than `tiny` triggers watchdog, crashes server (Chocohead)
0002422: [machines] Turbine Rotors don't show when injected with Hoppers or pipes (Chocohead)
0002420: [machines] Number of machines not working properly on servers (Chocohead)
0002419: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Crash with Advanced Solar Panel mod (Chocohead)
0002413: [machines] Sounds for induction furnaces are not playing (Chocohead)
0002403: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Empty painter in off-hand crash (Chocohead)
0002395: [general / other] Game crash with custom recipes (Chocohead)
0002399: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Some recipes don't accept modded planks (Chocohead)
0002397: [machines] Kinetic generator is working glitchy when connected to stirling kinetic generator (Chocohead)
0002393: [machines] Duplication of Universal Fluid Cells. (Chocohead)
0002304: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Stirling-Cheating Generator (Chocohead)
       0002307: [general / other] New-built Kinetic Generator&Wind Turbine generate 0 EU before reload the save (Chocohead)
0002385: [general / other] Compressor recipe for fluids don't work (Chocohead)
0002360: [general / other] Client Crashed with 'ic2.core.block.BlockTileEntity' exception (Chocohead)
0002339: [general / other] "Remove recipes" option delete recipes added by IC2 (Chocohead)
0002274: [machines] Extractor can't extract full fluid cells to empty fluid cells (Chocohead)
0002384: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Game crash after viewing Painter recipe (Chocohead)
0002265: [machines] Label in kinetic generator block GUI is a little bit off. (Chocohead)
0002338: [general / other] Recipe for painter cleaning don't work (Chocohead)
0002189: [machines] Unequal Obsidian Plate Recipe (Chocohead)
0002337: [general / other] "X-Ray" Construction Foam (Chocohead)
0002383: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] NEI crashes , however they pointed the issue to IC2 (Chocohead)
0002343: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Nuclear reactor keep making sounds after pausing the game (Chocohead)
0002191: [machines] Fluid/solid canning machine enrichment doesn't fill cells (Chocohead)
0002305: [machines] Fluid/Solid Canning Machine not enriching to cell/tank in cell/tank input slot (Chocohead)
0002376: [general / other] Crashing at random times (Chocohead)
0002350: [tools / electric items] Nano saber can break blocks in creative mode (Chocohead)
0002352: [general / other] Netty ByteBuf severe leak (Chocohead)
0002323: [tools / electric items] OV / OD scanner dissapearing (Chocohead)
0002190: [machines] Wind mill loses its rotor randomly (Chocohead)
0002367: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Client crashes when destroing a block copy-pasted by a WorldEdit : ic2.core.block.BlockTileEntity.addDestroyEffects (Chocohead)
0002363: [general / other] Client crash when mod is not present on the server. (Chocohead)
0002364: [general / other] Lang not updated yet (Chocohead)
0002354: [general / other] Game crashes when the system date is April 1st. (Chocohead)
0002353: [general / other] [1.12.2] Wires acting like full blocks (Chocohead)
0002227: [general / other] CF walls and every IC2 machine turns into purple/black blocks (Player)
0002342: [tools / electric items] Lightsaber does not cut cobweb (Chocohead)
0002321: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] EU reactors capped at 2048EU/t max output regardless of what they say. (Chocohead)
0002332: [general / other] Dispenser can't dispense universal fluid cells (Chocohead)
0002330: [general / other] Dispenser can't dispense i-tnt as a block (Chocohead)
0002333: [general / other] Flame enchanted bow can't ignite industral TNT (Chocohead)
0002322: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] unable to get wheat seed bag (Chocohead)
0002313: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Reactor Chamber has no ITEM_HANDLER_CAPABILITY (Aroma1997)
0002298: [general / other] Steam generator (Steam Boiler) front active is misaligned by 1 px. (Chocohead)
0002308: [machines] A crash caused by fluid/solid canning machine. (Chocohead)
0002242: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Distilled water slowly diappears from Boiler-Turbine-Condenser system (Chocohead)
0002277: [machines] Transformer in Advanced Miner doesn't allow Lapotron Crystals in Power Item Slot (Chocohead)
0002297: [general / other] Scrap Box delays, no outputs from dispenser (Chocohead)
0002300: [general / other] Scrap boxes dropping near full item stacks (Chocohead)
0002299: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Kinetic Generator is no longer working as expected since 2.8.32 (Chocohead)
0002255: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Filling BC tank with IC2 causes infinite loop (Chocohead)
0002292: [machines] Compressor can't make redstone blocks (Chocohead)
0002288: [machines] When put ejector on Miner it ejects Drill, Pipes and Scanner (Chocohead)
0002289: [general / other] Compact item buffer outputting redstone signal when upgrades present (Chocohead)
0002263: [tools / electric items] Destroying cobweb with chainsaw drops string AND cobweb. (Chocohead)
0002251: [general / other] The config option "allowCoinCrafting = false" doesn't work (Aroma1997)
0002249: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] 'do not output energy' and 'do not output energy unless full' modes do not work for an EU storage block (Aroma1997)
0001934: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Depleted Uranium Cells Do not Drop to Hoppers from Reactor (Aroma1997)
0002030: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Heat output in fluid reactor GUI is being multiplied by 20 (Aroma1997)
0002209: [tools / electric items] create more material in industrial workbench rather than consume it (Aroma1997)
0002231: [general / other] [1.12] [industrialcraft-2-2.8.8-ex112.jar] Server Startup Crash (Chocohead)
0002229: [tools / electric items] [1.12] [recipe] Unable to attach jetpack to armour with 'Jetpack attachment plate' (Aroma1997)
0002222: [tools / electric items] [industrialcraft-2-2.8.7-ex112] Jetpack attachment plate recipe does not work. (Aroma1997)
0002228: [machines] Server Crash on machine explosions (Chocohead)
0002220: [machines] Crash attempting to remove steel from blast furnace [industrialcraft-2-2.8.6-ex112.jar] (Chocohead)
0002216: [general / other] Crash after placing a Crops block (Chocohead)
0002215: [general / other] [1.12] [industrialcraft-2-2.8.4-ex112.jar] Server Startup Crash (Chocohead)
0002217: [general / other] Crash after placing a Crops block #2 (Chocohead)
0002213: [general / other] Client crash after runing with IndustrialCraft 2 version 2.8.2-ex112 (Chocohead)
108 issues View Issues
0002171: [general / other] UU-Matter and Hotspring Water regeneration (Chocohead)
0002134: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] No recipes Showing for Solid or Solid/Liquid Canning Machines (Chocohead)
0002239: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Harvesting mushrooms from crops issues (Chocohead)
0002219: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] See thru blocks due to crop sticks (Chocohead)
0002200: [tools / electric items] Server Crash while use the Tool Box or Cropnalyzer (Chocohead)
0002208: [tools / electric items] Game crashes when Nanosuit takes ticking damage (Aroma1997)
0002207: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Crashing during Init Phase 2 when Thermal Expansion is present (Chocohead)
0002202: [machines] Fluid Distributor distributes fluids equally and not based on priority as described on the wiki (Chocohead)
0002199: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Server Crash while changing the Redstone Signal Energy Storage (Chocohead)
0002194: [tools / electric items] Quantum/NanoSuit Armor Durability (+ Eu Jetpack) (Player)
0002185: [machines] Semifluid Generator consumes Biogas too fast (Chocohead)
0002196: [general / other] NanoSuit Helmet HUD problems (Chocohead)
0002187: [machines] Advanced miner causes game crash (Chocohead)
0002103: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Beetroot cant be placed on crops (Aroma1997)
0002181: [general / other] Bronze armor does not break. IC2 2.7.30 Forge 1.11.2- (Chocohead)
0002173: [tools / electric items] Shift-clicking with cutters crashes the game, loses items (Chocohead)
0002178: [general / other] Substituting Bronze for Iron crafts wrong number of rails (Chocohead)
0002177: [machines] Minecraft crashes when the Luminator is connected to nothing. (Chocohead)
0002176: [machines] Batch Crafter does not split stacks (Aroma1997)
0002174: [general / other] A couple things related to Water Mills (Chocohead)
0002170: [general / other] Reinforced glass is not tranparent* (Chocohead)
0002161: [general / other] The game crashes on load (Player)
22 issues View Issues
0001967: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Cables are opaque block when you place it (Chocohead)
0002193: [general / other] Items with GUI cause server crash (Chocohead)
0002154: [general / other] Crafting with stacked energy storage items (Chocohead)
0002221: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Game crash and world unusable after Batbox mode change
0002235: [tools / electric items] Bugged consumption of filled cans. (Chocohead)
0002234: [machines] Unlimited Filled Tin Canister on Solid Canning Machine (Chocohead)
0002225: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] severe lag spikes with refined storage (Player)
0002204: [general / other] [1.10.2]IC2 crash,even crash log isn't generated. (Player)
0002201: [tools / electric items] Server crashes if you charge a jetpack in a CESU (Chocohead)
0002133: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Biogas duplication with Liquid Heat Generator and Ender IO pipes (Chocohead)
0002149: [tools / electric items] Mining Laser does not render properly when displayed in the off hand (Chocohead)
0002157: [machines] Can't put items into scanner (Chocohead)
0002175: [general / other] Shift-clicking in industrial workbench fills inventory with stacks of resulting item (Chocohead)
0002164: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Underpowered miner kills FPS (Player)
0002076: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] FPS drop when machine requests more power than cables have available (Player)
0001988: [machines] Massive FPS Drop With Recyclers (Player)
0001991: [general / other] translation error with tin block (Chocohead)
0002100: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Crops dissapeared every time the game starts (Player)
0002151: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Impossible to brew Rum (Chocohead)
0002156: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Cable duplication exploit (Chocohead)
0002141: [machines] Tradomat Inventory Crash (Chocohead)
0002148: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Can't fill Stone Mugs from Booze Barrels (Chocohead)
0002147: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Missing model on filled Booze Barrels (Chocohead)
0002137: [machines] Electric Sorting Machine take stack, but output one item (Chocohead)
0002145: [tools / electric items] Tools use the wrong model when held in hand (Chocohead)
0002144: [machines] Iron Furnaces don't play crackling noise (Chocohead)
0002143: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Rubber Sapling not firing SaplingGrow Event (Chocohead)
0002142: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Reactor multiblock components are always facing down (Chocohead)
0002138: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] MFSU Upgrade Kit being used on MFE causing pretty serious issues (Chocohead)
0002109: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Item.getUnlocalizedNameInefficiently() returns localized names (Chocohead)
0002124: [general / other] Game crashes when using treetap on a any barrel instance (Chocohead)
0002129: [machines] Ejector upgrade sends items to not proper chest (Chocohead)
0002126: [general / other] Pick-block on Reinforced Door gives you a wooden door (Chocohead)
0002114: [general / other] Tooltips are rendered behind the GUI text (Chocohead)
0002117: [tools / electric items] Jetpack duplication bug (Chocohead)
0002113: [general / other] Crafting recipes using compressed air cells gives empty cells back (Chocohead)
0002115: [general / other] uu-world-scan doesnt work (Chocohead)
0002112: [machines] Advanced miner creates zero-stacks and doesn't work with overclock upgrades (Chocohead)
0002020: [general / other] No Silver Block? (Chocohead)
0002098: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Crafting Quad Fuel Rods from nearly depleted Single Rods (Chocohead)
0002104: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] IC2 Ejector Upgrade inserting invalid stacks (Chocohead)
0002001: [tools / electric items] Mining laser Super-heat mode duplicates stone blocks (Chocohead)
0002105: [tools / electric items] [minecraft][IC2]Mining laser makes duplicate some kinds of block (Chocohead)
0002101: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Reactor triggers a server tick loop (Chocohead)
0002097: [machines] Industrial workbench over-processes on shift-click (Chocohead)
0002088: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Hybrid frame disappear accidentally (Chocohead)
0002084: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Horizontal crop sticks disappear when player relog (Chocohead)
0002091: [tools / electric items] Duplicating anything with Industrial Workbench (Chocohead)
0002080: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] The reserviors in the Crop-Matron GUI are switched (Chocohead)
0002087: [machines] Electrical furnace does not give XP when manually taking items out (Chocohead)
0002085: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Seems like Crop-Matron doesn't wet the ground (Chocohead)
0002081: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Crops can be placed on not tilled dirt (Chocohead)
0002083: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Dupe seeds when place to crop (Aroma1997)
0002082: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Plants' number don't decrease when placed on the crops (Aroma1997)
0002078: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Crops crash server when chunks saved with spongeforge (Chocohead)
0002077: [tools / electric items] enchantments with tools and armor? (Chocohead)
0002059: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Please finish porting crops instead adding new blocks and propably bugs (Aroma1997)
0002072: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Crop Stick (Aroma1997)
0001897: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Crops Recipe does not work. (Aroma1997)
0002010: [general / other] domain ic2 is missing 9 textures (Chocohead)
0002071: [machines] Pump with ejector upgrade doesn´t eject lva cells in sorting machine (Chocohead)
0002067: [machines] Compressor can't make snowballs (Chocohead)
0002065: [general / other] Version 0000133 works OK but 0000134 breaks all machines GUI (Chocohead)
0002061: [machines] Pump sucks lava in a 64-block-wide 'square' starting west (Chocohead)
0002060: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Reactor breaks after save/load or dimensional travel (Chocohead)
0002034: [machines] Depleted MOX Fuel not processed in Thermal Centrifuge (Chocohead)
0002058: [tools / electric items] Cannot charge most jetpack-attached EU storage wearables with EU charging items (Chocohead)
0002009: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] java.lang.IllegalStateException: already linked (Chocohead)
0002056: [general / other] Server Crashes on startup (Chocohead)
0002055: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] [1.10.2] Game Crashes When Unloading Chunks with IC2 Blocks That Uses Energy (Chocohead)
0002021: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Console Flood IC2 "No tile found" (Aroma1997)
0002048: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Hide the recipe for Scrap unless Scrap is looked up in JEI (Chocohead)
0002047: [machines] Crash when pickup "machine-type" item (Chocohead)
0002044: [general / other] recipe problem in the server log (Aroma1997)
0002005: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Ic2 crash with jei : JEI Failed to start. (Chocohead)
0002028: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Forestry Ethanol not working in Semifluid Generator (Chocohead)
0002022: [general / other] Is amount of industrial TNT crafting less? (Chocohead)
0002019: [general / other] Kinetic water generator has not worked from IC2-2.6.92-ex110 (Chocohead)
0002017: [tools / electric items] Charging Energy Crystal doesn't charge jetpack attached to armor (Chocohead)
0001997: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Crash of Energienet and Server (Chocohead)
0001995: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception in server tick loop - Server Crash (Chocohead)
0001969: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] unknown crash ramdomly happens with ic2.core.energy (Chocohead)
0002008: [machines] Crafting recipe for Pattern Storage does not work (Chocohead)
0002002: [general / other] Hazmat suit fails to provide immunity against walking on 1.10 magma blocks (Chocohead)
0001983: [tools / electric items] extended HUD is broken (Chocohead)
0001933: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Component Heat Vent not Stackable (Aroma1997)
0001994: [tools / electric items] Jetpack sprite is not removed when taking off Jetpack-equipped armors (Aroma1997)
0001992: [general / other] Revision 59 Server crash (Aroma1997)
0001990: [general / other] missing display string of "bladetooweak" (Chocohead)
0001982: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] RTG fuel should not be stackable (Chocohead)
0001987: [general / other] Power tier value missing in simplified Chinese translation (Chocohead)
0001978: [general / other] Game Crashes on Startup (Chocohead)
0001973: [general / other] Luminator Recipe Yields 1 Item Instead of 8 (Chocohead)
0001970: [general / other] Errors on loading (Player)
0001961: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Cables save they color after cutting insulation and continue to behave as colored ones (Aroma1997)
0001952: [general / other] Crafting insulated wire with rubber gives wrong output (Aroma1997)
0001960: [tools / electric items] Electronic Circuit can be crafted with uninsulated copper wires (Aroma1997)
0001941: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] CME upon world load (Aroma1997)
0001737: [tools / electric items] Having more than 1 chainsaw in inventory, causes them to play their sounds simultaneously, fix proposed (Aroma1997)
0001881: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Redstone signals not working (spliiters, EU storages) (Aroma1997)
0001943: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Crash with ic2.core.energy.leg.EnergyNetLocalLeg.tickStart(EnergyNetLocalLeg.java:162) (Aroma1997)
0001935: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Concurrent Modification Exception on World Load - world unplayable (Aroma1997)
0001930: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] IC2 duplicates buckets of enderio Reservoir (Player)
0001925: [general / other] IC2 2.6.10 Ore Dictionary ItemStack Issue (Aroma1997)
0001940: [machines] Fluid distributor crash when outputting fluid to multiple targets (Chocohead)
0001919: [machines] Dense Lead Plate recipe in NEI does not match config (Chocohead)
0002032: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] IC2 API ERROR/BUG (Chocohead)
0002013: [tools / electric items] Minecraft 1.10.2 with forge , and mods , and one coremod : IC2core (Aroma1997)
108 issues View Issues
0001861: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Changing the structure of the charge pad and cables (Aroma1997)
0001909: [machines] ic2 machines glitch out when in range of Runes-of-Wizardry Rune of the Rabbit Hole (Aroma1997)
0001857: [machines] Machines randomly turn into "Invalid" blocks (Aroma1997)
0001929: [general / other] Crash caused by Electric Boat (Chocohead)
0001915: [machines] Iridium ore will not scan (Chocohead)
       0001917: [machines] Iridium ore will not replicate (Chocohead)
0001916: [machines] Pattern Storage shows bad GUI (Chocohead)
0001914: [machines] Replicator shows bad GUI (Chocohead)
0001912: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] radationPotionID config option does not work (Chocohead)
0001887: [tools / electric items] CF sprayer doesn't spray foam onto the floor (Chocohead)
0001833: [general / other] Graphical error regarding nukes and industrial TNT (1.8.9) (Chocohead)
0001908: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] [1.9.4] Hazmat Suit does not protect against Radiation (Chocohead)
0001868: [general / other] Chunloader Reset on Server Reboot (Aroma1997)
0001828: [machines] Trade-o-Mats, Energy-O-Mats & Personal Safes (Chocohead)
0001637: [machines] Personal Safe + Trade-o-Mat (Chocohead)
0001891: [tools / electric items] Jetpack recipe creates huge number of products (Aroma1997)
0001872: [tools / electric items] Crafting fueled jetpack results in stack of 18,000 jetpacks (Aroma1997)
0001901: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] 1.9.4 crash with ic2buckethandler (Aroma1997)
0001899: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Activated Nuke showing bad texture (Aroma1997)
0001890: [general / other] NPE onBucketFill (Aroma1997)
0001884: [general / other] [1.9.4] Server Crash on startup: net.minecraftforge.fml.common.LoaderException (Player)
0001886: [tools / electric items] Nanosaber damage values messed up (Aroma1997)
0001883: [general / other] Using CF on scaffolds crashes with rendering error (Aroma1997)
0001902: [general / other] No such item as scaffold (Aroma1997)
0001889: [general / other] 1.9.4 Server Crash On Startup (Aroma1997)
25 issues View Issues
0002159: [tools / electric items] Drill sounds causes errors in log (Aroma1997)
0002131: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Using treetap on any boozebarrel (filled, emptied, new) results in a crash. (Chocohead)
0001888: [general / other] Scaffolds are not climbable (Chocohead)
0001856: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] The client can not display machines in the reactor. After the time is changed to an unknown structure. (Aroma1997)
0001844: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] cable change to another block when use wrench on cable (Aroma1997)
0001860: [machines] Using a wooden wrench on the machine. (Aroma1997)
0001866: [general / other] Alternative recipes completely broken (Aroma1997)
0001871: [tools / electric items] Solar Helmet not charging chest slot item (Aroma1997)
0001805: [general / other] Some alternate recipes not worknig (Aroma1997)
0001766: [tools / electric items] Only one Generator Reciepe Working (Aroma1997)
0001870: [general / other] fml -- particle effects not found (Aroma1997)
0001865: [general / other] Nano Helmet HUD has Power Tier formatting issue (Aroma1997)
0001863: [tools / electric items] Corruption of world by having item in MFE and then picking another item out in armour slot with Nano HUD on (Basic & Adv) (Aroma1997)
0001862: [general / other] Industrial Craft 2 build 225-ex18 (Aroma1997)
0001859: [tools / electric items] Crash when selecting creative search items tab (Aroma1997)
0001840: [machines] game crashes when plasing item on skanner (estebes)
0001838: [general / other] Crashes when I run with JEI installed (Aroma1997)
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0001754: [tools / electric items] Enchanting Q-Suit (Aroma1997)
0001513: [tools / electric items] CF Backpack doesn't drain and is exploitable (Aroma1997)
0001781: [machines] IC802 Stirling Kinetic Generator crash with KCauldron 152 (Player)
0001779: [general / other] Thin Fluted Axle (Aroma1997)
0001777: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Reactor Crash (Aroma1997)
0001773: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Lithium Fuel Rods (Aroma1997)
0001752: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Fluid Canner NEI handler crashes with GT installed. (Aroma1997)
0001746: [machines] Fix Quartz-Stair recipe (Aroma1997)
0001729: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Can't craft nuke; need undamaged thick neutron reflectors but can't craft them (Aroma1997)
0001726: [machines] Possible Bug with macerator? (Industrialcraft2 2.2.744-Experimental) (Aroma1997)
0001706: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] CropMatron don´t apply hydratation. (Aroma1997)
0001710: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Config file missing option to manually set Potion ID of ic2.potion.radiation. (Aroma1997)
0001649: [machines] Regression: Advanced Miner no longer charges (Aroma1997)
0001664: [machines] Advanced Miner does not charge from the wires \ machines (Aroma1997)
0001704: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] NetworkHelper API fails to get networkManager instance (Aroma1997)
0001474: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Nutrient biome bonus does not work (Aroma1997)
0001698: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Only minecraft sticks can be used to reinforce wooden scaffolds (Aroma1997)
0001464: [general / other] Lack of canner recipes for certain foods (Aroma1997)
0001475: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Root length is too short for terra wart and nether wart (Aroma1997)
0001577: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Base nutrients biome bonus is always zero. (Aroma1997)
0001691: [general / other] Barrel not localized (Aroma1997)
0001689: [tools / electric items] OV Scanner says "OD-Scanner" (Aroma1997)
0001686: [machines] Advanced Miner is not mining (Aroma1997)
0001675: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] NPE Cooling 5x5 Reactor via Fluid Regulator (Aroma1997)
0001673: [machines] Fluid Distributor + Fluid Regulator = Crash (Aroma1997)
0001654: [machines] Crash when regulator directly inputs water into steam generator (Aroma1997)
0001648: [machines] NullPointerException in loader (Aroma1997)
0001683: [machines] Induction Furnace with Redstone Upgrade reset on load (Aroma1997)
0001677: [machines] Thermal Centrifuge can't restore ANY item and heat in it after exit in single player mode (Aroma1997)
0001674: [general / other] Sever console error message (Aroma1997)
0001655: [machines] 2 bugs (Aroma1997)
0001669: [general / other] Tooltips (Aroma1997)
0001545: [tools / electric items] HUD - inaccurate Single-Use Battery (Aroma1997)
0001661: [tools / electric items] Cropnalyser Charging (Aroma1997)
0001668: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Hydration Cells and Fertiliser (Aroma1997)
0001662: [machines] Missing Tooltips (Aroma1997)
0001660: [tools / electric items] Electric Boat Recipe (Aroma1997)
0001665: [machines] Invalid macerator recipe (Aroma1997)
0001643: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] New Eating Crop (Aroma1997)
0001608: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Weed does not work. (Aroma1997)
0001456: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Input/Output of EU incorrect (Aroma1997)
0001590: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Add a tool api for lathing tool (Aroma1997)
0001465: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Can't pull turbine from wind generator (Aroma1997)
0001641: [machines] all ic2 machine was unable to open the gui and also run properly (Aroma1997)
0001638: [general / other] Kicking all players. NetworkEventFiringHandler exception (Aroma1997)
0001636: [machines] uuMatter generator (Aroma1997)
0001548: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Removing transformer upgrade speeds up mass fabricator (Aroma1997)
0001633: [general / other] Trouble with changing compressor.ini (Aroma1997)
0001629: [general / other] Crash ic2.core.util.Config$ParseException: (Aroma1997)
0001527: [general / other] Can't craft plantballs with seeds (Aroma1997)
0001626: [machines] how to change the recipes in the machine? (Aroma1997)
0001391: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] HV transformer is not lowering EU/t (Aroma1997)
0001467: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] [.653] MV transformer outputs 512 in fixed step-down (Aroma1997)
0001408: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Transformers not lowering EU/T properly (Aroma1997)
0001368: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Transformers not working as intendend (Aroma1997)
0001534: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Transformer not down Adjusts power (Aroma1997)
0001619: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Issue with tin cable — not painting. (Aroma1997)
0001192: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Painter Not Painting Insulated Tin Cable (Aroma1997)
0001609: [machines] GUI Crash server side - Magnetizer (Aroma1997)
0001606: [machines] Directional Ejector upgrades displaying incorrectly (Aroma1997)
0001604: [tools / electric items] IC2 + Repair Talisman from Project E (Aroma1997)
0001603: [tools / electric items] AE2 Autocrafting Problem (Aroma1997)
0001594: [machines] Replicator GUI Text Overlap (Aroma1997)
0001583: [machines] Abuse with Steam Generator (Aroma1997)
0001515: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Energy o mat not working - Build#660 (Aroma1997)
0001579: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Nuclear reactor condensators can't be recharged with blocks of redstone/lapis lazuli. (Aroma1997)
0001516: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Coffee Seed Bag (Aroma1997)
0001442: [tools / electric items] OV Scanner (Aroma1997)
0001451: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] MFSU upgrade kit destroys energypack in MFE (Aroma1997)
0001494: [tools / electric items] Windmeter (Aroma1997)
0001462: [general / other] Refined Iron Achievement (Aroma1997)
0001557: [machines] Mass fabricator NOT compatible with overclock and energy storage (Aroma1997)
0001566: [machines] Cell of any liquid -> Electrolyzed Water Cell (Aroma1997)
0001507: [machines] Electric Kinetic Generator GUI (Aroma1997)
0001571: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] ITerraformingBPs must use internal methods (Aroma1997)
0001570: [machines] Electric Kinetic Generator blocks EU cables (Aroma1997)
0001550: [tools / electric items] Unable to craft Advanced Charging Battery (Aroma1997)
0001001: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Transformators not working properly (Aroma1997)
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