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0001290Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2016-03-29 16:04
ReporterZuxelus Assigned ToThunderdark  
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001290: Problem with "plankWood". Remains only one value.
DescriptionWhen I check NEI recipes for planks I have 13 pages of shaped crafting recipes for first checked wood plank (click right button on plank in NEI list) and only 1 page for other planks.

Without IC2 mod NEI shows correct 13 pages for all planks.
Steps To ReproduceI took only forge + 3 mods (industrialcraft-2-2.2.602-experimental.jar, CodeChickenCore-1.7.10-, NotEnoughItems-1.7.10- Clicked on first wood plank - 13 pages, on others - 1 page.

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