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0001632Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2016-01-09 11:57
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Summary0001632: Missing planks recipes
DescriptionAfter checking uses in NEI for wooden planks it will cause other planks to not be usable for almost anything. Recipes will not show in NEI, also trying to craft any item will not yield an output (tried to click to empty output slot, just in case as well)
Steps To Reproduce1) Have NEI and IC2 installed
2) Load up minecraft world
3) Check uses for any minecraft plank with "U"
4) Check uses for any other miencraft plank
5) Number of recipes should be same, but its not
Additional InformationReal example:
1) Check uses for Oak Wood Plank
2) Try to craft sticks with 2 of any other planks
3) Will not work

Forge: 1420
IC2: 742
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duplicate of 0001290 assignedThunderdark Problem with "plankWood". Remains only one value. 



2015-06-30 21:37

reporter   ~0003931

Also before I will check the uses of plank I am able to craft everything. Only happens when I check NEI uses.
Not sure if its related but on console this error appears when I check recipe:


2015-07-01 01:33

developer   ~0003932

Do you only have Forge, IC2 and NEI? This bug has been floating about for over a year now but I've had real issues replicating it.


2015-07-01 09:45

reporter   ~0003934

Last edited: 2015-07-01 09:50

Current modlist when I tested it:
IC2 2.2.742
Forge 1420

Nothing else

I check Oak Wood Planks uses:
Then I check Spruce Planks uses:
I fully restart minecraft client
I check Spruce Planks uses:
then I check Oak Wood Plaks uses:


2016-01-04 10:29

reporter   ~0004340

Is there anything that is being done about this? It is haunting the IndustrialCraft and the only fix is to restart the client. Which in big modpacks is something that can take 2-3 minutes.


2016-01-05 16:52

developer   ~0004348

It's not predictable enough to be able to even start trying to see what goes wrong. It could be down to specific NEI versions.


2016-01-09 11:57

reporter   ~0004352

Not predictable? Versions? It happens every single time with the versions listed.

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