0002171: [general / other] UU-Matter and Hotspring Water regeneration (Chocohead)
0002134: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] No recipes Showing for Solid or Solid/Liquid Canning Machines (Chocohead)
0002239: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Harvesting mushrooms from crops issues (Chocohead)
0002219: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] See thru blocks due to crop sticks (Chocohead)
0002200: [tools / electric items] Server Crash while use the Tool Box or Cropnalyzer (Chocohead)
0002208: [tools / electric items] Game crashes when Nanosuit takes ticking damage (Aroma1997)
0002207: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Crashing during Init Phase 2 when Thermal Expansion is present (Chocohead)
0002202: [machines] Fluid Distributor distributes fluids equally and not based on priority as described on the wiki (Chocohead)
0002199: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Server Crash while changing the Redstone Signal Energy Storage (Chocohead)
0002194: [tools / electric items] Quantum/NanoSuit Armor Durability (+ Eu Jetpack) (Player)
0002185: [machines] Semifluid Generator consumes Biogas too fast (Chocohead)
0002196: [general / other] NanoSuit Helmet HUD problems (Chocohead)
0002187: [machines] Advanced miner causes game crash (Chocohead)
0002103: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Beetroot cant be placed on crops (Aroma1997)
0002181: [general / other] Bronze armor does not break. IC2 2.7.30 Forge 1.11.2- (Chocohead)
0002173: [tools / electric items] Shift-clicking with cutters crashes the game, loses items (Chocohead)
0002178: [general / other] Substituting Bronze for Iron crafts wrong number of rails (Chocohead)
0002177: [machines] Minecraft crashes when the Luminator is connected to nothing. (Chocohead)
0002176: [machines] Batch Crafter does not split stacks (Aroma1997)
0002174: [general / other] A couple things related to Water Mills (Chocohead)
0002170: [general / other] Reinforced glass is not tranparent* (Chocohead)
0002161: [general / other] The game crashes on load (Player)
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