0001967: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Cables are opaque block when you place it (Chocohead)
0002193: [general / other] Items with GUI cause server crash (Chocohead)
0002154: [general / other] Crafting with stacked energy storage items (Chocohead)
0002221: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Game crash and world unusable after Batbox mode change
0002235: [tools / electric items] Bugged consumption of filled cans. (Chocohead)
0002234: [machines] Unlimited Filled Tin Canister on Solid Canning Machine (Chocohead)
0002225: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] severe lag spikes with refined storage (Player)
0002204: [general / other] [1.10.2]IC2 crash,even crash log isn't generated. (Player)
0002201: [tools / electric items] Server crashes if you charge a jetpack in a CESU (Chocohead)
0002133: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Biogas duplication with Liquid Heat Generator and Ender IO pipes (Chocohead)
0002149: [tools / electric items] Mining Laser does not render properly when displayed in the off hand (Chocohead)
0002157: [machines] Can't put items into scanner (Chocohead)
0002175: [general / other] Shift-clicking in industrial workbench fills inventory with stacks of resulting item (Chocohead)
0002164: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Underpowered miner kills FPS (Player)
0002076: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] FPS drop when machine requests more power than cables have available (Player)
0001988: [machines] Massive FPS Drop With Recyclers (Player)
0001991: [general / other] translation error with tin block (Chocohead)
0002100: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Crops dissapeared every time the game starts (Player)
0002151: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Impossible to brew Rum (Chocohead)
0002156: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Cable duplication exploit (Chocohead)
0002141: [machines] Tradomat Inventory Crash (Chocohead)
0002148: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Can't fill Stone Mugs from Booze Barrels (Chocohead)
0002147: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Missing model on filled Booze Barrels (Chocohead)
0002137: [machines] Electric Sorting Machine take stack, but output one item (Chocohead)
0002145: [tools / electric items] Tools use the wrong model when held in hand (Chocohead)
0002144: [machines] Iron Furnaces don't play crackling noise (Chocohead)
0002143: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Rubber Sapling not firing SaplingGrow Event (Chocohead)
0002142: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Reactor multiblock components are always facing down (Chocohead)
0002138: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] MFSU Upgrade Kit being used on MFE causing pretty serious issues (Chocohead)
0002109: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Item.getUnlocalizedNameInefficiently() returns localized names (Chocohead)
0002124: [general / other] Game crashes when using treetap on a any barrel instance (Chocohead)
0002129: [machines] Ejector upgrade sends items to not proper chest (Chocohead)
0002126: [general / other] Pick-block on Reinforced Door gives you a wooden door (Chocohead)
0002114: [general / other] Tooltips are rendered behind the GUI text (Chocohead)
0002117: [tools / electric items] Jetpack duplication bug (Chocohead)
0002113: [general / other] Crafting recipes using compressed air cells gives empty cells back (Chocohead)
0002115: [general / other] uu-world-scan doesnt work (Chocohead)
0002112: [machines] Advanced miner creates zero-stacks and doesn't work with overclock upgrades (Chocohead)
0002020: [general / other] No Silver Block? (Chocohead)
0002098: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Crafting Quad Fuel Rods from nearly depleted Single Rods (Chocohead)
0002104: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] IC2 Ejector Upgrade inserting invalid stacks (Chocohead)
0002001: [tools / electric items] Mining laser Super-heat mode duplicates stone blocks (Chocohead)
0002105: [tools / electric items] [minecraft][IC2]Mining laser makes duplicate some kinds of block (Chocohead)
0002101: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Reactor triggers a server tick loop (Chocohead)
0002097: [machines] Industrial workbench over-processes on shift-click (Chocohead)
0002088: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Hybrid frame disappear accidentally (Chocohead)
0002084: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Horizontal crop sticks disappear when player relog (Chocohead)
0002091: [tools / electric items] Duplicating anything with Industrial Workbench (Chocohead)
0002080: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] The reserviors in the Crop-Matron GUI are switched (Chocohead)
0002087: [machines] Electrical furnace does not give XP when manually taking items out (Chocohead)
0002085: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Seems like Crop-Matron doesn't wet the ground (Chocohead)
0002081: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Crops can be placed on not tilled dirt (Chocohead)
0002083: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Dupe seeds when place to crop (Aroma1997)
0002082: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Plants' number don't decrease when placed on the crops (Aroma1997)
0002078: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Crops crash server when chunks saved with spongeforge (Chocohead)
0002077: [tools / electric items] enchantments with tools and armor? (Chocohead)
0002059: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Please finish porting crops instead adding new blocks and propably bugs (Aroma1997)
0002072: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Crop Stick (Aroma1997)
0001897: [Agriculture / crops / Boozeception] Crops Recipe does not work. (Aroma1997)
0002010: [general / other] domain ic2 is missing 9 textures (Chocohead)
0002071: [machines] Pump with ejector upgrade doesn´t eject lva cells in sorting machine (Chocohead)
0002067: [machines] Compressor can't make snowballs (Chocohead)
0002065: [general / other] Version 0000133 works OK but 0000134 breaks all machines GUI (Chocohead)
0002061: [machines] Pump sucks lava in a 64-block-wide 'square' starting west (Chocohead)
0002060: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Reactor breaks after save/load or dimensional travel (Chocohead)
0002034: [machines] Depleted MOX Fuel not processed in Thermal Centrifuge (Chocohead)
0002058: [tools / electric items] Cannot charge most jetpack-attached EU storage wearables with EU charging items (Chocohead)
0002009: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] java.lang.IllegalStateException: already linked (Chocohead)
0002056: [general / other] Server Crashes on startup (Chocohead)
0002055: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] [1.10.2] Game Crashes When Unloading Chunks with IC2 Blocks That Uses Energy (Chocohead)
0002021: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Console Flood IC2 "No tile found" (Aroma1997)
0002048: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Hide the recipe for Scrap unless Scrap is looked up in JEI (Chocohead)
0002047: [machines] Crash when pickup "machine-type" item (Chocohead)
0002044: [general / other] recipe problem in the server log (Aroma1997)
0002005: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Ic2 crash with jei : JEI Failed to start. (Chocohead)
0002028: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] Forestry Ethanol not working in Semifluid Generator (Chocohead)
0002022: [general / other] Is amount of industrial TNT crafting less? (Chocohead)
0002019: [general / other] Kinetic water generator has not worked from IC2-2.6.92-ex110 (Chocohead)
0002017: [tools / electric items] Charging Energy Crystal doesn't charge jetpack attached to armor (Chocohead)
0001997: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Crash of Energienet and Server (Chocohead)
0001995: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception in server tick loop - Server Crash (Chocohead)
0001969: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] unknown crash ramdomly happens with ic2.core.energy (Chocohead)
0002008: [machines] Crafting recipe for Pattern Storage does not work (Chocohead)
0002002: [general / other] Hazmat suit fails to provide immunity against walking on 1.10 magma blocks (Chocohead)
0001983: [tools / electric items] extended HUD is broken (Chocohead)
0001933: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] Component Heat Vent not Stackable (Aroma1997)
0001994: [tools / electric items] Jetpack sprite is not removed when taking off Jetpack-equipped armors (Aroma1997)
0001992: [general / other] Revision 59 Server crash (Aroma1997)
0001990: [general / other] missing display string of "bladetooweak" (Chocohead)
0001982: [nuclear reactor and anything associated] RTG fuel should not be stackable (Chocohead)
0001987: [general / other] Power tier value missing in simplified Chinese translation (Chocohead)
0001978: [general / other] Game Crashes on Startup (Chocohead)
0001973: [general / other] Luminator Recipe Yields 1 Item Instead of 8 (Chocohead)
0001970: [general / other] Errors on loading (Player)
0001961: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Cables save they color after cutting insulation and continue to behave as colored ones (Aroma1997)
0001952: [general / other] Crafting insulated wire with rubber gives wrong output (Aroma1997)
0001960: [tools / electric items] Electronic Circuit can be crafted with uninsulated copper wires (Aroma1997)
0001941: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] CME upon world load (Aroma1997)
0001737: [tools / electric items] Having more than 1 chainsaw in inventory, causes them to play their sounds simultaneously, fix proposed (Aroma1997)
0001881: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Redstone signals not working (spliiters, EU storages) (Aroma1997)
0001943: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Crash with ic2.core.energy.leg.EnergyNetLocalLeg.tickStart(EnergyNetLocalLeg.java:162) (Aroma1997)
0001935: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] Concurrent Modification Exception on World Load - world unplayable (Aroma1997)
0001930: [crossmod-compatibility / submodules / API] IC2 duplicates buckets of enderio Reservoir (Player)
0001925: [general / other] IC2 2.6.10 Ore Dictionary ItemStack Issue (Aroma1997)
0001940: [machines] Fluid distributor crash when outputting fluid to multiple targets (Chocohead)
0001919: [machines] Dense Lead Plate recipe in NEI does not match config (Chocohead)
0002032: [E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocks] IC2 API ERROR/BUG (Chocohead)
0002013: [tools / electric items] Minecraft 1.10.2 with forge , and mods , and one coremod : IC2core (Aroma1997)
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